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Kaleb + Kirsten


22nd February 2019

My mate Kaleb had approached me asking if I could capture his proposal to his soon to be fiancé Kirsten.

So when my wife Shannon and I had found this incredibly, beautiful place one day, I knew that it would be the perfect spot for a shoot but even more perfect for a proposal.

I rang up Kaleb the next day and said “Bro, no pressure but if you’re keen, Ive found an amazing spot, and you can use this opportunity to propose to Kirsten”

A few days later Kaleb, our friend Zech, and myself went to the spot at sunrise to see if it was the place he wanted to ask Kirsten to become his wife. And it was.

Prior to this I had asked them both if they would be keen for me to capture them and create some new content, just a casual little shoot. So this became the perfect cover up!

Kirsten loved the idea and jumped at the chance to be photographed and get some great pictures of them together.

Let's just say Kaleb didn’t quite share the same excitement at the time, because lets be real, there’s a lot of pressure on you when you’re about to propose!

He disguised his nervousness by saying he was just a bit worried about being in front of a camera.

22nd February - We met Kaleb and Kirsten at 5:15am, bright and early for the sunrise and for nature to provide the goods for our “shoot”.

Lucky for us cyclone Oma decided to grace us with its presence. But we braved the windy, slightly terrifying drive up the mountain.

When they arrived I let them know that climbing the barrier to the spot was a little bit illegal, and we all could be fined a lot of money but everything will be great!

Then it started raining. But again we pushed on, because we had some serious business to do.

Once I had taken a few shots, the sun decided to make a quick appearance. Kaleb and I knew, this was it!

I directed Kirsten to face away from Kaleb looking out to the stunning view, as Kaleb and I signalled to one another that we were good to go.

Kaleb then grabbed Kirsten by her hands and began to whispered into her ear, and shortly after a few moments, he got down on one knee. 

He pulled out a little black box from his back pocket, looking at Kirsten with one of the biggest smiles I’d ever seen him do and he popped the question.

Completely un aware of the plan and a little shocked, Kirsten said “Yes”.

The ring Kaleb had chosen himself, was a perfect example of Kirstens unique style and personality.

I would be lying if I said I was not 110% invested in this! From the start of planning, through till the big moment, It was truely an amazing experience to witness…

A little bit chilly/frozen, we headed back down the mountain but decided to pull over on the side of the road. Out of the wind and after defrosting a bit, we decided to take advantage

of the beautiful trees that were around us.

This is when their personalities really came out! Kirsten hoped on his back, as we dodged in and out of passing by cars, Kirsten danced and Kaleb was well… just Kaleb.

Both full of silliness and so much love for each other.

Sometimes trying to think of the ‘BIGGEST’ and most ‘PERFECT’ way to propose doesn’t reflect who you are and who you are as a couple.

It’s actually the small & sometimes simple things that end up becoming everything and more.

“Featured on Polka Dot Bride”

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